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Have you ever wondered what Santana and the Gipsy Kings would sound like jamming with the house band in a Moroccan Cafe after having a Turkish bath and massage? A mystical and sensual  experience that will send a tingle up your spine. Beauty and Fire is an innovative excursion in Flamenco guitar fused with smooth jazz and world music flavorings - deeply soulful, softly passionate, with uplifting melodies that will take you on romantic or exotic adventure across the world and beyond. Seductive, enchanting, heart warming New World Instrumental - perfect for intimate moments, yoga, driving, massage, dinner parties...

Tomas Michaud is a master guitarist, composer and producer who was possessed by the muse of music early in childhood. Tomas developed his musical technique with the trumpet, electric bass and mandolin before he discovered his first love, guitar, at the age of fourteen. Soon he was performing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area developing a popular following which now numbers in the thousands.

After graduating from California State University at Hayward, Tomas expanded his musical influences by traveling to Spain and Latin American countries where he fell in love with the Spanish rhythm.  His influences are such diverse music talents as Santana, who communicates profound beauty in the way he plays even a few notes, and the Gipsy Kings, who are masters at creating songs which take the listener on a romantic, exotic adventure. While creating his own blend of Smooth Jazz and Flamenco guitar with subtle twists of Latin American grooves and Middle Eastern Percussion, Tomas weaves a melodic, almost vocal, tapestry with his guitar that breathes beauty and sacredness into even the most mundane events of daily life.

Beauty and Fire introduces a somewhat mystical and practical spirituality that is no doubt exotic, yet has a lingering sense of the familiar.
Perhaps it's Tomas' ability to meld the sights and sounds of his travels to far away places with his upbringing in the American pop culture. He writes the kind of songs that creates images of places you'd like to be often - even if only in your imagination.  Tune in and let the adventure begin!

In addition to Beauty and Fire, Tomas has produced 6 CDs: Heart Coming Home, Passion Dance, I Must Be Dreaming, In The Presence Of Angels, New World Flamenco Jazz and The Magic Of Gayatri .

 In addition to his concert and recording successes, Tomas has developed an innovative course in guitar instruction. He founded and operates the Starland Music Center in Alameda, California, which has a student enrollment of over 450, ranging in ages from four to seventy-four.

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