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What People Say About Tomas' Live Performance

Your music is everything you say it is and much more...

We loved the concert on the 4th.  Your music is everything you say it is and much more...uplifting, soul inspiring, awe inspiring...I loved watching your hands and your face and the way you and the group members all connect. THANK YOU for the gift!!


Heather Skinner

- Alameda, CA


Saturday night in Alameda was fabulous!!!

"Saturday night in Alameda was fabulous!!! The setting, composition of music and musicians and entire evening was delightful!!!! I'm so glad I made the trip over from Marin! I'm hoping that you can let me know your schedule for the next month or two."

Marcia Nay

- Marin, CA


Thank you for such a wonderful show last night.

Thank you for such a wonderful show last night. Andy and I really appreciate world class musicians in such an intimate setting. Please keep me posted of coming events, we will sure plan to bring several friends to come along.

You were awesome as always! And it was great to see the full band. Don Turney, on keyboard, was phenomenal, as well as the drummer. The passion and synergy in the band reflected the excitement in the audience. The audience couldn't have enough. I wanted more."


Florida Gonzalez

- Campbell, CA


"Your performance was greatly enjoyed by all, and you probably had the best response from the public of any of our 8 performers." -- Sean, San Francisco Design Center


"We were very pleased with your performance at our wedding. It was wonderful! We had many favorable comments about the band from both young and old." -- Jeanette and Rich Schumacher


"Your playing made the evening really special, everyone loved the music and thought it was a perfect touch." -- Tara Farnsworth


"Everyone loved your music! - in fact we would like to get a couple more of your tapes." -- Nancy and Glynn Phillips


"I have enjoyed working with you. You have been clear and responsible." -- Barbara Reiner


"Your guitar playing was excellent. It provided us the opportunity to relax and socialize and yet be entertained." -- AICU Staff, UCSF


"Breathtakingly gorgeous! I'm in a class and can barely concentrate the music is so beautiful." -- Cathy Breaman, San Mateo


"The band is terrifically entertaining. We get many calls during the week asking when Tomas will be performing." -- Marla Kapoor, Manager Jack's Bistro in Jack London Square


"Everyone loved you!!!!! I wish you could come and play for us every week! -- Karin Ball, IBM Client Manager San Ramon


"Beautiful, soothing music for your ears and the Spirit" -- Dr. Ruth Perry, Minister


Very soothing and uplifting! A vacation for the soul! Keep it up! -- Mellissa Foos, Grand Junction, CO


Wonderful and relaxing -it makes us want to dance! -- Sydney Guerre, Emeryville, CA


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