passionate music that inspires your soul


I've been listening to your CD's and LOVE THEM. Thank you for being the wonderful
artist and musician you are!!!

Picture this:

I drive Highway 101 from Lincoln City south on the Oregon Coast and back again to
see my clients. It can be pouring sheets of rain as I drive next to a frothy sea
with powerful white waves crashing upon the rocks and nothing but a flat grey sky
obscuring the majestic pine trees. All the while I have your CD's playing in my
MR-2 sports car. The picture postcard views and the sweet sounds of your strings
meld together in my heart and mind -- it's an unbelievable experience! Thank you,
thank you, thank you!

Patricia Andresen

- Lincoln City, OR


Your music is everything you say it is and much more...

We loved the concert on the 4th.  Your music is everything you say it is and much more...uplifting, soul inspiring, awe inspiring...I loved watching your hands and your face and the way you and the group members all connect. THANK YOU for the gift!!

Heather Skinner

- Alameda, CA


Saturday night in Alameda was fabulous!!!

"Saturday night in Alameda was fabulous!!! The setting, composition of music and musicians and entire evening was delightful!!!! I'm so glad I made the trip over from Marin! I'm hoping that you can let me know your schedule for the next month or two."
Marcia Nay

- Marin, CA


Thank you for such a wonderful show last night.

Thank you for such a wonderful show last night. Andy and I really appreciate world class musicians in such an intimate setting. Please keep me posted of coming events, we will sure plan to bring several friends to come along.

You were awesome as always! And it was great to see the full band. Don Turney, on keyboard, was phenomenal, as well as the drummer. The passion and synergy in the band reflected the excitement in the audience. The audience couldn't have enough. I wanted more."

Florida Gonzalez

- Campbell, CA


I came across your music completely by accident

I came across your music completely by accident while searching through a
music match genre for Carribean sounds. I have to say that being 53 I've
heard a lot of music over the years and yours is one I find absolutely
beautiful and hard to stay away from. I plan on purchasing all your CD's. I
hope you will continue to play for many more years. I hope also that you
will do a concert tour someday so I may see you in person. Thanks so much.

Ed Caro

- Tully, NY


"I just have to tell you that I've become hooked on your music. 

Oddly enough, Bank of America gave me a complimentary copy of your New World Flamenco Jazz cd
and I play it every day.  In fact, I've ordered two of your other cds (for a little variety). I believe it never hurts to compliment someone on their work so please consider this a true compliment and a note of thanks for brightening my days with your wonderful music."
 Linda Palmquist


Received your cd as a gift, haven't stopped listening yet :)"

Alison Mercier Pasiuk,  Swansea, MA


I am listening to it right now

"I am listening to it right now as I am replying to you. All the tracks
are very good- it is hard to have a favorite! We are truly enjoying your
CD. The music is so uplifting and enchanting... it really does soothe the
soul!! We should have gotten more CDs!!"
Karla and Brian Gaeta
- Manteca, California



Our son loves the CD

"We really enjoyed listening to you at the Elegant Clutter holiday open
house. Our son loves the CD and so do we. As a matter of fact, last night
Nate (our son) had a meltdown at a store and we had to leave. Even though he
is 2, it's rare that he has a tantrum. As we sat in the car trying to calm
him we finally put on your CD and he stopped screaming and said "Tars?" (his word for guitar)."

Sally Peel
Danville, California


Beautiful musica!

"Thank you so much for such beautiful musica! It has helped me in the most stressful times and pleasurable too."
 - Graciela Guerrero-Reynoso

Concord, CA

My family and I love all the music

"My family and I love all the music in the CD. I play it every morning when I drive my
son to school. The music is very relaxing and soothing. When we pick up the SAX that we brought in for evaluation, I would like to buy another CD.."
- Frank Guittard
Alameda, California


VERY impressed

"Received the above CD and I am VERY impressed with the sound. I look forward to
purchasing the full CD version."
- Mike Schmidt
Houston, TX

"First  the artwork is great and the entire recording mix is excellent.

Your playing is beautiful. I like the use of a tenor sax and that b3 organ, who would think that a bold instrument like the tenor and a funky B3 would work but they fit in great. I think your composing and arranging is where you really shine. My favorite cuts are "la Vida maravillosa" and "voodoo love" . For my own personal taste I would like to hear more hard driving tunes with a faster pace but that is my taste. I am a percussionist
so I lean a little more to that Al Dimeola and Carlos side. Wish you were in this area. Good luck in the future and I will be looking for your next CD. Regards, Bob."
- Robert Wheeler
Saunderstown, RI


Thank you for the great music

i loved your cd's!!! i would like to buy more of the same ones and other ones! i listened to both of them and then i sent them to my brother in Asia. He loves them and he actually wants me to buy him more! thank you for the great music! i hope to see you perform live with your band!

-Julie Lin,

A journey to tropical places

"The CD is awesome!! The four complete songs take you on a journey to tropical places that sooth your mind, body and soul. They relax yet inspire. The playing is so crisp and clear that you can almost understand in words what should be only notes. The samples leave you hungry for more! Just when I was getting into a song, the sample ended!! Joy yet frustration at the same time. The Bonus track--wow!! I was playing it in my bedroom while cleaning up a little and had to stop, lay across my bed and just listen; wishing I were there at "Jack's" when it was recorded. I closed my eyes and listened to the background noises and could imagine myself sitting in the club with a nice cold drink enjoying the atmosphere and the music. Mr. Michaud, this; in my humble opinion; is great work. "
- Randy Toles, Waterbury, Connecticut


I was listening to your CD on the way to work and thinking about you. My younger daughter, Christina, is perfectly in love with your music. She almost had a fight with her sister about what music we could listen to over dinner." -Joy Tani, Saratoga, California


Music to drive by
"I met you today at the Campbell Farmers market and purchased your 'I must be dreaming' CD. And I must say that I enjoyed it so immensely. I was playing it driving along highway 17 to Santa Cruz with my sister who isn't a jazz fan, however she was enjoying the music as well. Thank you for creating such beautiful music." - Florida Gonzalez San Jose, California


"I came home and listened to the whole CD. It's just lovely. You've done a great job! Keep up the wonderful tunes! Looking forward to your next CD." - Vivian Brown Santa Clara, California

It makes me feel happy every time I listen

"I love the CD I purchased and so do my friends that listen to it. I am so happy that you let us know about your upcoming performance. Craig and I are going to try to come. I really enjoyed your playing. Thanks for the wonderful music. It makes me feel happy every time I listen to your playing. The CD is in my car where I seem to spend an amazing amount of time. Thanks again." - Vicki Haught

A full-bodied blend of sensory delight!

"It was a pleasure meeting you at the Campbell Farmer's Market. You played beautifully. I ended my evening listening to your CD "Heart Coming Home" and enjoyed it tremendously. The rhythms and smooth interchanges were soothing and your arrangements provide food for the imagination. I love your ability to integrate the cultural influences of the music from Spain and other countries. The result is a full-bodied blend of sensory delight! Thanks again!" - Cece Garrison


Puts Flair and color into my work atmosphere

"I've got people listening to your CD's at work...they absolutely love Passion Dance!  Your music really puts some flair and color in our otherwise dull work atmosphere!" -Debbie


Your performance made a night to remember

"Tomas, Bravo!  Your Friday night performance was excellent!  This was our first time at one of your performances and not only was the music breathtaking, but the dinner was outstanding.  It was very romantic walking along the pier on a beautiful night and dancing outside to your music, I wasn't sure if I wanted the night to end.  Thank you for a night to remember." -Carmen Zamora


Your music has truly touched my heart and soul.

My husband and I were browsing through a music shop one afternoon last summer and came across your "I must be dreaming" CD. He being a guitarist himself wanted to take a listen to it out of interest so we bought it. It has now become my favorite CD in the world! I listen to it everyday at least twice! I have cleaned my house to it, laughed with it cried with it and shared some wonderful memories with it. Your music has truly touched my heart and soul. Keep playing your wonderful music!

-TIffany Capps


If it were an "LP" I would have worn it out

If the CD you gave me was an "LP" I would have worn it out already! Congratulations on an excellent work. I'm looking forward to hearing your next release. - Lester DeVoe, Guitar Builder


Even the neighbors like it.

The CD, "I must be dreaming," is awesome! We play it a lot. Our neighbors like it as well. Keep up the good work!
Take care, - Chastidy Spinicci
I makes me want to dance.
"Beautiful. I felt your music in my heart. I makes me want to dance."
- Mary Perez-Stura; Concord, CA
"Thank you so much for sending your new CD!! Just a great record (I think it's your best)! All round fantastic playing and writing and the sound quality is really beautiful. Way to go -- hope you sell a million!!"
- Jamie Bonk
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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